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Robots running the meatworks: Southern hemisphere’s largest fully automated cold storage plant opens in Gympie
August 23, 2017

It started with a small butcher shop in Gympie’s Mary Street in the 1950s. Now Nolan Meats has just opened the…

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Rockwell Automation continues to expand MES applications
July 25, 2017

US-based Rockwell Automation has continued to build out its scalable MES applications to allow operations to configure their environment without programming,…

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Keeping old planes in the air with Laser Scanning – Advanced Manufacturing
June 23, 2017

Reverse engineering tricks with lasers allow designers to resurrect old aircraft designs quickly and efficiently Your father’s Oldsmobile may be long…

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The Evolution of Industrial Automation in the Food and Beverage Industry – Food Processing
September 9, 2016

Hard benefits long have provided the financial justification for plant automation projects. As information technology plays a larger role, food companies…

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Collaborative learning robots featured at Industrial Automation North America – Today’s Medical Developments
July 14, 2016

With robotics’ use growing in North America, exhibitors at the upcoming Industrial Automation North America 2016, co-located at IMTS from Sept….

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Integrating Industrial Automation: What You Need to Know –
April 25, 2016

Manufacturers are in a constant struggle for efficiency and automation is their weapon of choice. How can a manufacturer integrate industrial…

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Beyond Steel: Tri-State Automation makes and installs robots –
March 20, 2016

HAMMOND — Tri-State Automation emerged out of necessity. Don Keller, the owner of 35-year-old pipe guide and slide maker Tri-State Industries…

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