Dimetix C series


Product Description

Dimetix C series laser distance sensors are ideal for non-contact distance measurement at both short and long ranges. The lasers measure as close as 0.05 m (2 inch) and as far as 500 m (1,640 feet) with accuracies up to 1.0 mm and a resolution of 0.10 mm.

The laser range finder can be used independently to measure distance, level, position, and to detect movement. Pair of lasers can be mounted to measure thickness, length, and diameter. Dimetix long range laser sensors are ideal for both in process dynamic and static measurements.

img2Dimetix C series laser sensors are built tough with a rugged aluminum IP65 rated housing. Many of our customers place the laser sensors on the factory floor under typical production conditions, so their ruggedness is proven. The lasers are also used outdoors in extreme conditions.

Laser-View Technologies offers several models of Dimetix C series laser sensors:

  • FLS-C for fast, millimeter accuracy up to 500 m
  • DLS-C for millimeter accuracy over 150 m
  • EDS-C for economical mm accuracy over 30 m in a compact package



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  • 0.05 up to 500 m (2 inch to 1,640 feet) measurement range
  • No target needed up to 65 meters
  • Up to 0.1mm (0.004") resolution
  • Up to ± 1mm (0.039") accuracy
  • Class II laser source for plant safety
  • Complete system in one housing
  • Digital/analog/serial outputs
  • IP 65 environmental rating
  • Indoor and outdoor operation (may require enclosure)
  • Rugged solid aluminum casing
  • Performance and economy



  • Crane / gantry location
  • Saw cut length monitoring
  • Level monitoring
  • Bar length and location
  • Roll diameter and length
  • Tank level (including food operations)