Overhead Cranes

Title:  Crane to crane collision detection in Tennessee auto parts manufacturer

Description: Crane Sentry is used for crane to crane and crane to wall collision monitoring, in addition to zone control. In this application, the end user need a system to keep operators from bringing canes on the same runway too close together.

Title:  Monitor overhead crane position and load in a multi bay shared column configuration

Description:  A special model of our Crane Sentry has been installed to maintain safe distance between groups of cranes on parallel bays with shared columns. Both the position of the bridge and load on the crane are taken into consideration.

Title:  Manage permitted travel areas of overhead cranes in a metal stamping facility

Description:  Crane Sentry can be use used to control the position of a hoist on an overhead crane in a metal stamping facility to keep operators from lifting dies and coils in an unsafe manner over areas where personnel or machinery co-exist.

Dimetix laser distance sensors, manufactured by Dimetix AG, are rugged, accurate, and cost effective. Dimetix laser sensors are also well suited for overhead cranes to provide position feedback.

Crane Sentry products are manufactured and marketed by Laser-View Technologies for crane collision detection, zone control, and positioning applications. Typical usages for the Crane Sentry are to detect bridge to wall and bridge to bridge collisions, define restricted zones, and for positioning.

DIS-Sensors TILT sensors are ideal for ensuring loads lifted with more than one hoist are level before being moved.