Laser-View Technologies has been working to introduce Dimetix non-contact laser technology into the field of bridge structural monitoring as an alternative to traditional methods. Dimetix laser distance sensors are rugged, accurate, cost-effective, and easily integrated into most control systems.

We were recently asked to help AECOM configure a pair of Dimetix laser sensors with a BDI STS3 model data logger to perform deflection measurements of a bridge under load. The Dimetix DAN-10-150 laser distance sensor was chosen.

The sensor has been configured with a scaled 4-20 mA analog output. A resistor across the analog terminals produces a 2 VDC output to the data logger.

The video below shows how precise the laser is when compared to a known linear movement.


This is a great alternative to traditional deflection measurement methods because you can measure the deflection from afar with less setup and in a shorter time, requiring less special access. Laser-View Technologies has successfully helped implement Dimetix lasers into other well-known bridge and structural projects. View some of our past projects here.

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