Laser-View Technologies, Inc is proud to welcome the Crane Sentry Side Pull to the Crane Sentry Family!

The Crane Sentry Side Pull is a solution to dangerous risks that result from side pulling. Hoist controls allow detection of potential side pull conditions and prevent the lift from occurring.

What Is Side Pulling

Usage of hoists for lifting loads in industrial applications has inherent risk, requiring the need for safety precautions. Side pulling occurs if a load is not lifted directly vertical and is permitted to side load a hoist. As a result, this can cause damage to the hoist, injury to personnel, and/or damage to nearby equipment.

Solution: Hoist Side Pull Detection

Hoist controls can allow detection of potential side pull conditions to not permit a lift under side-pulling conditions. Laser-View Technologies’ Crane Sentry Side Pull Lift has a solid state 2-axis sensor with simple user controls that allow the installer to set zero, angular limits and time delay to fine tune the operational parameters.

User-Adjustable Functionality:

  • User settable limits in each axis
  • Hysteresis
  • Time Delay
  • Filtering to deal with vibrations common to a hoist
  • Zero or centering function
  • SIL 1 safety rated versions available
  • MEMS based device means no moving parts
  • Each sensor is fully potted, rated IP67, IP68, or IP69K sealed, shock rated and typically operates in ranges from -40C to +85C temperatures

Properly equipping a hoist with a DIS tilt sensor adds another layer of accident prevention to overhead cranes. Contact us here to learn more about this new product!