Laser-View Technologies, Inc. President, Steve Lubeck attended the 26th AIST Crane Symposium on June 2-4 in Louisville, KY to gather the latest information and developments in crane technologies. 

AIST Crane Symposium Overview

The symposium delivered practical information and experiences from crane maintenance personnel, crane manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and engineering consultants who strive to make electric overhead traveling (EOT) cranes and their runways the safest, most reliable, durable machinery and equipment in the industry.

This program focused on safe work practices and ergonomics; electrical, mechanical and structural maintenance techniques; crane inspection technologies; and best practices in EOT crane modernizations. It was valuable to Laser-View to see how important our Crane Sentry products can be in providing safety in the workplace.

Our Crane Sentry Family

The Crane Sentry product line is manufactured and marketed by Laser-View Technologies for crane collision detection, zone control, and positioning applications.

Typical usages for the Crane Sentry are to detect bridge to wall and bridge to bridge collisions, define restricted zones, and for positioning. Crane Sentry is designed and manufactured in the USA and utilizes laser distance sensors from Dimetix. This line takes the entry level collision detection system a step beyond to include a live color display, touch screen controller, and teachable and programmable relay alarms in a cost competitive package.

Our Crane Sentry family is proud to provide a safer work environment and bring cutting-edge technology to the industry. It provides crane-to-crane collision detection, crane-to-wall collision detection, and zone control.

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