Laser-View is thrilled to be featured in this month’s edition of The Connection, a newsletter that showcases some of the industry’s newest products and technologies.

The newsletter is produced by Kendall Electric, a respected electrical distributor known for their extensive knowledge of emerging technologies. We are incredibly honored to be featured amongst some of their handpicked products.

In July, Kendall informed readers about our D-Series Laser Distance Sensor, but a lot has changed since then. We have designed a unique cable for the Dimetix D-Series Laser Distance Sensor where devices that are not POE will no longer require separate cable runs for power and Ethernet. With this Ethernet IP communication, connection to our lasers becomes even easier.

Key benefits include:

  • A modular approach to cabling power and Ethernet IP.
  • Length is configurable via M12 extension cables.
  • Ethernet cabling can be run easily through a conduit with this modular approach.

You can find us on Page 10 where The Connector goes in depth about how our revolutionary product can benefit your next project!