Crane Sentry is known throughout the industry for being versatile, high-quality, and cost-effective. Our latest development, Crane Sentry Lite, continues this tradition of excellence.

Crane Sentry Lite provides basic entry level crane-to-crane and crane-to-wall collision detection. Each system is supply complete with a controller mounted on the bridge near your drive controls, rugged industrial laser distance sensors with quick connection cables, and a heavy duty bracket.

There are several competitive advantages to this model. For starters, it is a measurement system, not a proximity sensor. This means that you don’t teach positions, you enter limits, and can watch the actual values being measured in real time right on the screen.

You can also make a selection between minimum and maximum operating modes, essentially allowing the Crane Sentry Lite to perform the work of two of the nearest competitor units.

This video explains even more of the capabilities of Crane Sentry’s latest addition to the family:

Crane Sentry Lite is also simple to set up. Take a look at this video, which walks you through the process of using this innovative installation:

Think the Crane Sentry Lite is the right choice for your job? Contact Laser-View Technologies to discuss your application so we can recommend the best model for you.