Introducing DIS Sensors: Unique non-contact solutions for tilt and non-coupled rotary encoding

The DIS Sensors line of non-contact MEMS based tilt sensors and unique Hall Effect encoders consists of:

  • Accelerometers: 2 and 3 axes
  • Inclinometers: 1 and 2 axes up to 360 degrees
  • Tilt switches: 1 and 2 axes
  • Hall Effect, non-contact absolute rotary encoders

    DIS Sensors QG series sensors

    DIS Sensors QG series sensors

Inclinometers, Tilt switches, and Accelerometers

The QG40, QG65, and QG76 series sensors measure the angle of inclination in one or two axes with a variety of mounting options and outputs, and are based on robust MEMS technology.  The tilt switch has configurable switching outputs, whereas the inclinometer outputs the actual angle.

  • Functions: Levelling, tilt protection, roll and pitch measurement, angle measurement of machine arms, tilt and tip over protection
  • Applications: Concrete pumps, cranes, elevated work platforms, solar panels, air suspension systems, agricultural machinery, fork lifts, stackers
  • SIL2 rated QG series sensors are also available for applications with SIL safety requirements

The QG40, QG65, and QG76 series accelerometers measure G-force due to acceleration in one, two or three axes.

QR series non-contact rotary encoders

QR series rotary encoder

QR series rotary encoder

The QR series of rotary encoders enable contact-free measurement of an angular displacement from 0° to 360° with NO MECHANICAL COUPLING OR OPTICS. The encoder can even measure through non-ferrous materials (aluminum, stainless steel) and bulk materials like sand or plastic resin pellets.

  • Functions: Replaced potentiometers and traditional encoders, verify rotational movement
  • Applications: Agricultural machinery, excavators, mobile and fixed waste compacters, valve control, robotics, material handling augers, automated indexing tables


DIS sensors are stocked and supported locally in North America by DIS Sensors USA in Chester Springs, PA.  Learn more about us at DIS Sensors USA , or use the product selector  to help decide which type of sensor is best suited to your specific needs.

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