Dimetix Laser Sensors improve quality at Paper Mills

Paper mills have been selecting the Dimetix DLS-C and FLS-C series laser from Dimetix USA (www.dimetix-usa.com) to monitor roll diameter and width via non-contact methods. Mills operated by RockTenn, Boise Cascade, International Paper, Weyehaeuser, Burrows Paper, Clearwater Paper, KPAQ Industries, Georgia Pacific and MeadWestVaco have used Dimetix laser sensors incorporated with their own control systems and turnkey systems provided by integrator LASER-VIEW TECHNOLOGIES (Exton, PA; www.laser-view.com) to monitor roll dimensions in process during winding and as finished goods. These customers have been impressed with the laser sensor’s ruggedness, repeatability, and overall accuracy over a wide range of roll sizes.

Dimetix laser sensor measure roll diameter and width

Usually mills will mount one DLS-C laser overhead to measure diameter as the roll stops underneath. Width is usually measured using a pair of DLS-C laser distance sensors in differential mode as the roll passes through. With their large measuring range, all diameters and widths typically produced in mills today can be monitored.

While some paper mills take the traditional approach of reading the analog output of the laser sensors, others are adapting the Dimetix laser sensors in newer ways. One common approach is to feed the laser range finder’s output into Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC systems and speak to the device via internal tags. Other mills take the RS232 serial ASCII output directly into their PLC processors or PC control systems.

Three DLS-C15 laser distance sensor are depicted in this photo monitoring a finished paper roll. One laser sensor is mounted over head to measure diameter and the other two units are mounted on the left and right sides to measure width. Photo is courtesy of LASER-VIEW TECHNOLOGIES (Exton, PA) and Dimetix USA (Lionville, PA).