The number one reason why Dimetix Laser Sensors are the better choice is its high speed measurement.

They are able to maintain the same high degree of measurement stability in fast mode and moving target mode as they do in slower operating mode. Combined with Dimetix Laser Sensors’ high speed SSI coder output, they are the optimal choice for high speed positioning applications.

This is unique to Dimetix Lasers and, therefore, make them the ultimate choice for your next project. Watch Episode 1 of our informational series for Dimetix Laser Sensors below for more information.

Episode 1 – High Speed Lasers



Can’t watch the video? Here is a brief recap:

Prime applications

  • ASRS (Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems)
  • High-Speed Gantry Systems
  • Processes Involving Fast-Moving Materials

The Dimetix D-Series provides up to 250 Hz. real measurement rate and up to 1 kHz. of update rate. Models DPE 30-150, DPE 30-500, DPE 10-500 can measure a target moving as fast as 10m/second.

Each laser comes with a reflective target plate to measure targets up to 500m but it can measure targets up to a 100m range without the plate. This is very unique to Dimetix Lasers.

You can watch Episode 2 of this series here.

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