In Episode 2 of our informational series for Dimetix Laser Sensors, Laser-View Technologies shows you how these lasers can replace traditional wheel encoders.

Watch the video below to learn about the drawbacks of traditional wheel encoders and why Dimetix Laser Sensors are the ideal sensor for high speed positioning applications.

You can watch Episode 1 of this series here.

Episode 2 – Replacing Traditional Wheel Encoders

Wheel Encoder Drawbacks

  • Slippage due to loss of contact, resulting in incorrect position.
  • Wheel out of roundness due to compression, resulting in incorrect position.
  • Wheel diameter changes due to wear, resulting in incorrect position.

Benefits of Dimetix Laser Sensors

  • Include SSI absolute encoder output option.
  • Laser can be mounted to the moving object, or to a fixed reference and target moving object.
  • 250 Hz. of real measurement rate with up to 1 kHz update rate.
  • Measure a target moving as fast as 10m/sec with our reflective target plate.
  • Measure targets up to 100m with natural surfaces.

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