Laser-View Technologies, Inc. has designed a revolutionary cable set for the Dimetix D-Series Laser using Ethernet IP communication.

This cable set simplifies connectivity to these lasers as they do not have a POE, plus the lasers have a separate M12 power and M12 Ethernet IP connector. With this Ethernet IP communication, connection to our lasers becomes even easier.

Part 1:

  • 15ft long.
  • M12 8-pin male Y cable to M12 4-pin D code (Ethernet) plus M12 4-pin A code (power).
  • Provides a single cable for both Ethernet IP communication and power, terminating into a single M12 8-pin industrial connector.

Part 2:

  • 6ft long (standard length, but available at other lengths).
  • M12 8-pin female cable to RJ45 (Ethernet) plus power leads.
  • User end for cable to connect power to your network.

If you are interested or have any questions regarding our products, please reach out to your local Sales Rep, Distributor, or email us directly at [email protected].