Avoid damage to trolley rails by using Laser-View Technologies’ Crane Sentry® Lite as a non-contact end stop. Regularly driving trolley hoists into the rail end stop oftentimes results in divots forming near the end of travel.

Divots form on the rails as operators unknowingly spin the motorized trolley wheels into the end stops (you all know what we’re talking about…). These divots require the rails to be welded and ground to bring them back to the original condition.

Frequently, the divots can become so severe that the trolley motors do not have enough torque to pull themselves out. This problem results in avoidable downtime and maintenance expenses.

The Crane Sentry® Lite collision detection system serves as a great tool to minimize wear and the related maintenance due to crane operators running the wheels into the end stops. Crane Sentry® Lite is a measurement device at heart with one end stop monitored as a minimum distance and the other monitored as a max distance.

The result is no rail divots, less downtime, and reduced maintenance costs. This is all done with just one laser and one controller! Better yet, we can measure to the hoist body or trolley frame without the need for any special reflector!

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