Crane Sentry Zone ManagerHere at Laser-View Technologies, Inc. we value our clients more than anything else. Our goal is to solve our clients’ most challenging industrial applications with sensors and accessories to provide a complete and long-lasting solution.

But, why just take it from us? Chris Hamrick, CEO of Protek Crane Solutions, LLC was kind enough to share his experience with Laser-View’s Crane Sentry Zone Manager.

Chris Hamrick’s Crane Sentry Testimonial

“We were looking for a system to prevent an operator from hitting a large press at one of our customers. After reviewing the Crane Sentry and comparing to the other products out there we decided the Crane Sentry would be the best choice for this application.

Once all the components were installed we began programming the system to set up the zones and it was quicker than expected. The programming features are simple to set and when needed, making adjustments is a breeze as well. The total install time on the crane was less than 4 hrs and that included a brief training session with the lead tech on site. The programming features are by far the easiest I’ve seen for this type of system. Our customer immediately saw the value in the system and placed one on each crane that operates in close proximity to their presses. All in all I think it’s the best system on the market if you need zone management on your crane!!!”

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