Laser-View Technologies, Inc. is proud to welcome the newest member of the crane sentry family: Crane Sentry Lite!

What Is Crane Sentry Lite?

Crane Sentry Lite is our entry level collision monitoring product. This is most economical solution for basic monitoring.

This solution provides basic monitoring for up to 98 ft. Crane Sentry Lite is a measurement device and not a proximity sensor, so you can reliably detect distance between cranes by entering the value numerically.

Its features include a Class II eye safe visible laser, a modular, versatile system, and the ability to connect two lasers. Crane Sentry Lite can be used for indoor and outdoor solutions. View our Crane Sentry Lite overview for more details.

Typical Monitoring Applications

  • Crane-to-Crane
  • Crane to end stop
  • Crane to wall

Easily Install and Maintain

  • IP 65 protection
  • Low maintenance
  • Quick aim & set installation


  • Plug & play set up
  • Simple 2 line display
  • Enter set points
  • 2 configurable outputs/laser

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