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Zone Manager Installed On Double Girder Overhead Bridge Crane
February 20, 2020

Zone Manager installation with the Controller and Dimetix Laser mounted on the bridge.

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DIS QG76 Inclination Sensor Measuring Angular Rotation of Melt Shop Ladle
February 14, 2020

DIS QG76 high accuracy stainless steel inclination sensors have been used in demanding applications.

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Ready To Use Laser Distance Measurement With Crane Sentry Zone Manager
January 14, 2020

An “out of the box” solution by the Crane Sentry Zone Manager!

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Dimetix Laser Sensors Provide Industry-Leading Small Spot Size
December 27, 2019

Our laser sensors are top in their class with a small focused spot size.

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Trolley Rail Protection Using Crane Sentry Lite
December 18, 2019

Avoid damage to trolley rails using Crane Sentry Lite!

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ProMat 2019 debut of Dynamic Inclinometer by DIS-Sensors
Debuting The Dynamic Inclinometer by DIS Sensors At ProMat 2019
January 23, 2019

This new series of Dynamic Inclinometers is scheduled for release in 2019.

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Kendall Group 2018 Technology Summit: Rotary Valve Position Solution Demo
September 11, 2018

Representatives explained the use of a DIS Sensors QR30N absolute rotary encoder for rotary valve position monitoring.

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Stainless Steel Enclosure Assembly: P/N 000928
August 20, 2018

Our harsh environment enclosure designed to protect Dimetix D series laser distance sensors from extreme conditions.

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Laser-View Technologies and CBT Announce Distribution Agreement
April 25, 2018

Under the terms of the agreement, Dimetix and Crane Sentry products will be available in the tri-state area of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

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Laser-View Technologies Solution: Process HMI Panel Display
March 26, 2018

The process HMI panel display from Laser-View Technologies makes distance, width, and diameter measurement applications a breeze!

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