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Lockheed Martin supports installation of VOSS I long-range sensor for NATO mission – Aerotech News (blog)
July 29, 2016

Lockheed Martin recently supported a request from the U.S. Navy to rapidly outfit a Gyrocam® first-generation Vehicle Optical Sensor System (VOSS…

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Ten things you need to know about precision displacement measurement – Eureka – Dimetix-USA | Dimetix-USA
July 22, 2016

Accuracy, resolution, repeatability and linearity–sensor terminology can be confusing, but is crucial for selecting the right instruments for an application Source:…

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Ten things you need to know about precision displacement measurement – Eureka
July 21, 2016

Despite their frequent use, terms such as accuracy, resolution, repeatability and linearity are often misunderstood. As critical factors in the selection…

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Robots: Disrupters or Transformers? – MM&D
June 14, 2016

June 14, 2016 by Emily Atkins Disruptive technologies are changing supply chain operations, and robots are leading the way. This theme…

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Laser displacement sensors – Engineer Live
June 7, 2016

Although most laser displacement sensors use the same measuring principle, the individual design of the sensor mechanics, optics, the mechanical stability…

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What’s New With Sensors | 2016-06-03 | Assembly Magazine
June 3, 2016

Whether fully automatic, semiautomatic or manual, almost every assembly system has some type of sensor for inspection, error-proofing or production monitoring….

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US Army to test driverless vehicle technology in Michigan – Daily Mail
May 26, 2016

Autonomous US Army vehicles will be tested on public highways in June Someone will be at the wheel of each vehicle…

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Automation Suppliers Collaborate to Benefit Users – Automation World
March 17, 2016

For decades, many automation technology suppliers have used a “closed shop” strategy to protect their proprietary technologies and customer base. Under…

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The Popular LeddarOne Altimeter for Drones/UAS Now More Affordable
February 26, 2016

QUEBEC CITY, CANADA, February 25, 2016 – LeddarOne, the novel optical range finder from LeddarTech that was recently introduced for drone…

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VEXMEN 91C Cyclops Team: Automated Parallel Parking Robotic Car
January 18, 2016

REC Foundation Online Challenge DIMETIX USA proudly sponsors the VEXMEN 91C Cyclops team and their Automated Parallel Parking Robotic Car video entry…

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