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DIS Non-Contact Rotary Sensor Offers Encoding Through An Air Gap and Zero Function
September 2, 2020

A special version of the DIS QR sensor series can detect rotation through an air gap of 3 mm.

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Laser-View Technologies, Inc and SMC Announce Distribution Agreement
July 30, 2020

Several of our products and solutions are now available through SMC.

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Product Update: DIS Sensors SIL1 Acceleration Switch Now Available
July 10, 2020

The SIL1/PLc QG40N sensor series has been expanded with an acceleration switch functionality.

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New Bulk Packaging of DIS Tilt Switches
July 2, 2020

Switching to new bulk packaging of DIS tilt switches provides better protection during shipment and a simple visual confirmation of quantity.

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Inclination Sensors Suitable for Explosion-Rated Environments
June 16, 2020

DIS Sensors are capable of safely operating in explosion prone environments.

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Non-Contact Tip Over Protection for Vertical Order Pickers
May 29, 2020

Our non-contact solutions for tip over protection provide a fast response and are easily configurable.

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DIS Sensor Updates and UL Certification
April 29, 2020

Learn more about recent updates to DIS Sensors.

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Introduction To Our DIS Non-Contact Shaftless Encoders
April 22, 2020

Learn about Laser-View Technologies’ DIS non-contact shaftless encoder line, featuring the QG40, QG40N, QG65, and QG76 series.

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DIS Inclination Sensors Offer Tip Over Prevention for Autonomous Robots
April 21, 2020

Tip over prevention for autonomous robots, such as Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot.

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Laser-View Technologies Proves Ruggedness of Stainless Steel Windowed Enclosures
April 17, 2020

See how much water wash the enclosure can handle without any leakage.

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