For accurate non-contact measurement, it is important to perfectly position the laser device. One accessory that helps to achieve a precise measurement with a long-distance laser sensor is a target plate. Laser-View Technologies’ Crane Sentry® Laser measures well close and far from a target plate.

The picture above is a great example of a neatly done Crane Sentry® installation by our friends at Wolverine Crane. The bridge axis laser is neatly mounted on the end truck using the provide adjustable mount bracket. Crane Sentry® is unique because it can measure as far as 500 m and as close as 0.5 m from our reflective target. This is impressive because not many devices have this range.

Additionally, note the tight laser spot in the image. This is why we offer only 2 ft square target plates as the standard size. If you have a skew problem with a crane, target plates can be stacked or extended to either side to create a larger target.

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